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Richard Wrong's Pink Floyd Page

    Hey, I've actually gotten a start on updating this place! 
Fixed all the links, and added a bunch of new wavs for you to 
download. They make great event sounds for your PC. I've also added
an Icon and a Midi Self-extracting Winzip file. There are 31 icons, 
including all five band members, a few misc. and about 20 covers.  
There are 17 midi files. Some good,(Hey You, Money) some pretty bad.
But I'll let you be the judge of that.

  (And a quick note. I create all the Self-executing (.exe) files 
on these web pages. I run a very up-to-date Norton anti-virus program 
and would like to assure everyone that these files are completely safe.)
    All the Pink Floyd themes here were put together by me with 
stuff I collected on the net. All the wavs in the themes and on the
wav page were made in high quality stereo by me and my trusty AWE32
Soundblaster. (My poor ol' AWE32 finally went to that great computer
graveyard in the sky.*Removes hat* All new wavs will be made by my new 
Soundblaster PCI 128)
    The themes are made with Connectix desktop designer, a great 
theme creating program. These themes do not require Microsoft + to 
run. Each self-extracting file comes with desktop designer lite, 
which lets you use, but not create the themes. You have to register
it for that. But you can use these themes with MS+, and you can use
MS+ themes with Connectix Desktop Designer. 
(New themes coming soon!)

Pink Floyd Goodies

Themes: Animals, The Wall, Dark Side of the Moon and Wish You Were Here.
Wavs: Pink Floyd wavs. Great for event sounds on your PC.
CDNOW: For a listing of all the new Pink Floyd CD's, Plus video's, T-shirts etc. that CDNOW has, click here!
Links: Some of my favorite Pink Floyd sites.
Pulse: The Pulse screen saver from EMI. Sound, pictures, trivia and more. Great screen-saver.
CN Demo: Would you like to hear a demo version of Comfortably Numb? It changed a lot by the time it got on the CD. (MP3, 1.1 Meg.)
Midis: A collection of 17 midi files. (218K)
Icons: A collection of 31 icons. (111K)

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